Hyannis Port Yacht Club, Founded 1909, Incorporated 1966, PO box 128, Hyannis Port, MA 02647, 508-5-771-7796

Rules & Regulations

The pier and the Club House are the property of the Hyannis Port Civic Association. Both have been completely rebuilt in recent years through generous donations of time and money made by Association and Club Members. The Club leases the Club House from the Civic Association and Club Members have the right to use the pier, subject to the payment of wharfage fees (see wharfage). The pier is under the supervision of the Program Director and the Civic Association Dock Master.

Pier Rules

  1. Accidents must not occur
  2. Swimming from the pier and floats is prohibited except under the supervision of the Program Director.
  3. Bicycles, motorbikes, golf carts, rollerblades, skateboards and scooters are prohibited on the pier.
  4. Docking Rules:
    • Boats may not be left at the Pier overnight
    • One hour tie up limit at the Pier.
    • Fifteen minute tie up limit at the outer float and the east side of the tender float.
    • Boats may not tie up at the Opti float or the west side of the tender float.
  5. Owners of vessels may arrange with the Dockmaster for a longer tie-up period if other Civic Association and Club members will not be inconvenienced, although the Dock Master has the authority to move unattended vessels tied up for more than one hour.

Discipline and Safety

The Trustees have delegated to the Program Director the authority to discipline (by removal from Club activities or from the pier or by other reasonable measures) any person whose conduct, in the judgment of the Sailing Master:

  1. threatens the safe and orderly conduct of Club activities;
  2. threatens the safety of anyone;
  3. may result in the destruction of property; or
  4. constitutes indecent or offensive behavior.

Members of the Sailing Committee will be happy to answer any questions for members who wish further information regarding the authority of the Program Director.

Life Preservers

Under Massachusetts law, children under 12 are not permitted on the Launch without a life preserver. Please take note of this new regulation and avoid the embarrassment of being refused Launch privileges.