Hyannis Port Yacht Club, Founded 1909, Incorporated 1966, PO box 128, Hyannis Port, MA 02647, 508-5-771-7796

Launch, Lines, & Wharfage

Launch Service

Daily launch service will be available from the last week of June through Labor Day. Launch service will be provided during June and September weekends subject to the availability of launch operators. Regular hours for launch service are from 0900 to 1900 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and 0900 to 1800 on weekdays. Launch service hours may be extended at the discretion of the Trustees. Under Massachusetts law, all children under age 12 must wear life jackets while aboard the launch. Operators will enforce Coast Guard Capacity limits. As always, members of the club use the Tender at their own risk. Any damage to member property caused by the normal operation of the tender will not be reimbursed by the club. Ultimately, the decision to have the Tender land on a boat is the member’s alone.

Wharfage Fee

To defray the expenses of maintaining the Pier, the Civic Association charges wharfage fees as set forth below. Boats on the stake and lines and on racks are not subject to the fee.

Up to 14' $50
14-26' $125
26-36' $150
36' and over $200

Sailboard and Boat Storage

Sailboards and small boats such as 420s, Lasers and Sunfish may be stored, at the owners risk, on the Club premises, either in racks, or if the racks are full, on the beach. Optimists may be stored on the teaching floats. There is a charge of $100 for storage on the Club premises during the season. If you plan to leave a boat at the Club, please contact the Program Director.

Guest Mooring

The Club does not provide permanent moorings. The Club owns a guest mooring that is available for the use of Club Members and visiting yachtsmen on a first come, first served basis. (Maximum stay - three consecutive days). To reserve the guest mooring contact the Launch Operator.

Stake and Lines

The Civic Association has provided a limited number of lines for the storage of dinghies and small boats at the pier for a fee of $250.  The HPCA Stake and Line Committee will provide assignments under an Assigned Line System adopted in 2013. Under this system, a Line Holder will pay for the use of a Line, but not have right to any specific line  for such payment. Prior to May 1st, all previous season line holders must notify the committee of their desire to use the line for the upcoming season.  The Line Holder will be assigned a line for the season.  The Committee will take into account the Line Holder's previous position, type of vessel, changes in vessel or surrounding vessels, vacancy in other lines, proximity to ladders for elderly, beach accretion, and any other factors to be considered. Thus there is no guarantee the Line Holder will have the same line, though in all likelihood and in most instances the Line Holder will be reassigned the same line.  A Member who does not notify the Committee by May 1 or fails to have their boat on the Line by July 1 will be subject to loss of line holding.  
  • Waiting List: The HPCA established a waiting list for pier lines. The pier assignments and the names on the waiting list are on a list posted in the Tender Driver Office, the HPYC Clubhouse and copies held by the President of HPCA and Commodore of the Yacht Club. Members who wish to be on the wait list should contact the the Stake and Lines Committee, the Dockmaster or head of the respective associations.
  • Vacancy: When a vacancy occurs, a current Line Holder can ask to move to such area, subject to all Line Regulations. If more than one Holder wishes to move, a lottery may be held.
  • Responsibilities: All Pier Line Holders must have proper length bow and stern lines to secure their boats. It is the Line Holders responsibility to exercise due care that their boat is secured and not a danger to other boats. The Dockmaster has the authority to ask that boats be removed from the lines in the event of a major weather event. Be aware that the lines are vulnerable to any heavy east wind. HPCA is not responsible for any damage that maybe incurred. Boats are limited to 15 feet in length and reasonable beam.
  • Pre/Post Season Use:  Members should notify HPCA that they are not using the line in the fall.  Members may inquire as to lines to use that are vacant in the Pre and Post Seasons.


There are a limited number of lockers, both on the pier and, for the storage of Sunfish and Windsurfer sails, beneath the Club House. Lockers are available on a first come, first served, basis for a charge of for one season. To reserve a locker, contact the Dock Master.


The Club has no parking facilities of its own. The Hyannis Port Civic Association owns a parking lot on Irving Avenue near the Club House which Civic Association Members are entitled to use without charge. An “HP” sticker should be displayed on the windshield.


When accompanied by a Member, guests are welcome at all times, provided that Members shall be held responsible for the behavior of their guests. Children of Members who are over 24 years of age and are not Members of the Club are considered guests and may only use the facilities when accompanied by a Member.